Coasteering is a recent activity in Portugal and Arrábida/Lisbon its where you will find the best spots for practicing this sport, because it combines the surroundings of natural protected area with the blue and green of translucent waters and magnificent rocky escarpments that plunge over bays and coves that characterize this landscape.

As this activity necessary implies several security measures, it should be assisted and monitored by experienced professionals. The use of safety equipment is mandatory: helmet, buoyancy aid wet suit and trainers. Some routes require rappelling, and thus it is indispensable the use of a harness, all the descending gear as the figure 8, ropes and rescue kit in case of an emergency.

This activity has been very successful in Sesimbra and the company of Active Tourism "Vertente Natural" was a pioneer and responsible for the creation of several routes along the shore, including its maintenance and the regular conduction of activities, normaly during Spring/Summer when the public keen of outdoor activities is in search for the cool and calm experience that the breathtaking landscapes provide. However the activity can take place at any time of the year, depending on the sought degree of difficulty and adrenaline.